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Informational blog post begins... Now:

This just came in from Gomez:


We're coming up on the day that we pick a winner for the Help Rebuild the Levis Chalet Raffle. With 5 days left, you've helped raise over $3000 with a lofty goal of $5000. I'm wondering if you could share the attached flyer on your socal network(s) to help us reach our fundraising goal. The Chalet is currently rising from the ashes. You can see the progress on the chalet here - https://www.facebook.com/LevisMound/. Tickets are available at - https://raffles.ticketprinting.com/raffle.jsp?raffleID=5502 of people can scan the QR code to use their smart phones to access tickets.

Thanks for everything that you do,


So, do that. Levis is a grand place to bicycle in dirt with friends. There is also a nearby roller rink. I know this because I've seen Chewey display his highly refined skating skills while shirtless there.

In other news, we have an event coming up at the very flowy and iron-ey Cuyuna Trails up north from the greater MPLS area. Informations on that can be located here:

We'll be there with some bikes to lend and some shenanigans to distribute. Bucketball may be part of it. (It will)


Now, on to the subject of people who ride bikes to places and make beautiful photographic documentation thereof:

Please, do yourself a favor and click both of the links below. Martijn Doolaard has an eye for capturing images that one does not often find in the general population. I am personally in awe. He also chooses Surly for his conveyance. Of this we are very grateful.



an example

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