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Email Of The Day Yo dudes, Thanks for making such rad projects; I bought a Steamroller from a guy named Shipwreck out of the trunk of his car about 5 years ago and have never looked back. holla, George Thanks George, we'll take that in spite of your use of the term "holla". Shipwreck. Yeah. The rest of my droogs, my gravy train, my bitches, my homies, my people, all of them except Hairy Jim are at Interbike tradeshow in The Meadows, NV, so I am here doing mostly customer service all by myself while Jim ensures that the behind the scenes stuff occurs as it should so this ship of fools doesn't capsize. I'm typing back you people as fast as I can! In order to head off even more emails, here is a list of answers to potential questions: 1) The size you need is determined by effective top tube length and standover height, in that order. We have a bit about frame sizing over to the right, Spew #17 called Bike Fit. 2) Yes, you may have some toe overlap, no I can't tell you how much. Seriously people, the concern about toe overlap is getting out of hand. You're just being irrational now. Don't you think if it were a serious hazard there would be some sort of regulation, or least you would actually know someone personally who crashed because their toe got caught on the wheel? Come on people, be reasonable. 3) It's called Commando, and no, your ass won't hurt more without the padding. Get a seat that fits and you'll be fine. 4) New colors are coming for the LHT (Truckaccino replaces Hill Street Blue, Olive still available), the Cross Check (Misty Mtn Grey replaced by Beef Gravy brown. Think beef gravy), the Karate Monkey (Chum Bucket red replaces Ouch It Hurts blue), and the Steamroller (What A Maroon replaced by Creamroller, the color of Guiness foam). All new colors will be accented with all black decals. The Creamroller complete is particularly snazzy, with almost all black parts. Alll Riiight. Giggity. The KM and Big Dummy will be added as complete bikes (the KM as rigid single speed in both red and black), both utilizing our fine Mr. Whirly crankset. No, I don't have photos or other info up on the website yet, sorry, but it won't be too long. BD will of course include VRacks and Snapdeck. 5) At your local bike shop. They love you, you know. 6) The Long Haul Trucker and Cross Checks are both getting new Nick-at-Surly-designed dropouts, so when your shop says "Surly discontinued the Cross Check", they are incorrect. The part number they're looking up has been discontinued, but the frames and bikes themselves, if we're out of your size, will be here before too much longer. 7) Early next year, like January and maybe even sooner. -----