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New Wool Caps In Now Navy Cap w/Plaid Stripe A new batch of wool caps arrived the other day, just in time for the cool fall weather. Pictured here we find the lovely Alix modeling our newest limited edition lid. This one features navy panels with a green plaid stripe. The bill of the cap strategically hides the cut she has on her nose from a freak pizza eating accident that happened last week. Ask her about it. It's pretty weird, and funny. Well, at least we thought it was funny. FYI, the one QBP has pictured on their dealer website has a slightly different stripe. That one was never produced. This is the one they are selling, so please take note. We actually like this one better than the one we didn't get. Hope you do, too. If you want one you'll need to run to your local bike shop and ask them to order part number CL0398 (S/M) or CL0399 (L/XL) from Quality. -----