Bikes. Parts. Chaos.
First, Blake wants you to know about this, happening at the Bedlam Theater on MPLS's west bank: go see it Hey, that's tonight. Isn't there something else going on this weekend? Oh yeah... Homie 2008 Being that this is Halloween weekend, costumes, though not mandatory, are encouraged. At all times. Brauer has his picked out already. Here he is giving it a test run: brauer wigged out Uh huh. Aided by his costume and the false sense of confidence imbued by his Secret Super Sauce, that hapless lugnut managed to get himself tangled up in possibly the most erotic moment he has ever been a part of. licking brauer Damn. Do you get the feeling that Brauer just went and had hisself a little ol' accident in his swimsuit area? I recently discovered that Cheever was Nick Gilder in the late 70s. He hasn't aged a bit. If you don't know who Cheever is, just keep riding. You'll meet him. Cheever: cheever gilder Cheever? And finally, I wanted to remind all of you that Surly turns 11 years old in 2009, proving that yes, we do in fact go to 11. But in the world of bicycles it can't be a milestone without a t-shirt. 1x1=11 They come in short sleeve too. AND, we've got something else lined up. Something sweet. More on that, however, when they're closer to being here. Later daze, bike people. -----