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im - 8/26/2008 11:39:00 AM

More Stolen Bikes MPLS Hello God It's Me Johnny and his lovely wife had their rides lifted recently. Be on the lookout. He writes: "My wife and I just had our bikes stolen from 24th St. and 5th Ave S tonight. This is a big bummer mostly because my wife finally had a bike that she was in love with and was commuting to work on. You will be taken care if you lead us to our steeds. (612)245-4095. Thanks, Johnny Hers: Surly 1x1, Black, 14" Frame Ritchey flat bar, stem and seat post Avid BB7 disc brakes Truvativ Stylo Gigapipe crank set WTB saddle, Speed V Front Wheel: Hutchinson Python tire, XT hub, Mustang disc tubeless rim Rear Wheel: Continental tire, Surly hub, WTB rim His: Surly Karate Monkey, Black, 16" Frame DT Swiss 240 hubs, DT Swiss 7.1 rims Cromoto stem Motoace bell lap bars(wrapped in red tape) Sachs Ergo Power 8 speed levers Avid BB7 disc brakes" XTR 952 rear derailleur XTR 970 from derailleur XTR 900 crank set 2 chain rings 34/46 XTR 959 pedals Selle Italia SLR white saddle" Bummer. Perhaps Johnny should try contacting this guy. ************************************************************************************* IN OTHER NEWS, there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding surrounding the lurking dangers of toe overlap. T.O. is one of those subjects that we receive questions about fairly often, as do most bike companies big and small. Dave Moulton wrote a good bit about it that I think is worth a read. I won't repeat all he has said so well already, but I would like to emphasize that T.O. seems to concern people in a manner disproportionate to any actual cause for concern. I know some of you will disagree, and I'd wager that at least one of you reading this is already frantically typing me an impassioned email in which you share your personal toe overlap horror story, but in my considerable experience both riding and working in the bike biz I have found that most people are smart enough to stop pedaling during the incredibly brief window of opportunity when T.O. can occur. And I can already hear some of you shouting "What about fixed gears, genius?!" Well, what about them? If T.O. was a big deal on fixies this industry would surely by now have been deluged in a tsunami wave of medical bills stemming from T.O.-induced crashes by urban hipsters. T.O. is all sound and fury. ************************************************************************************* And as if on cue, pal Sven sends this: starwarsx600 Now go for a ride. -----
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First, Blake wants you to know about this, happening at the Bedlam Theater on MPLS's west bank: Hey, that's tonight. Isn't there something else going on this weekend? Oh yeah... Being that this is Halloween weekend, costumes, though not mandatory, are encouraged. At all times. Brauer has his picked out…

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In the mailbag from Cornbread: What up Andy! Got the LHT built up and took her out for a spin this past weekend. Several of my buddies and I rode from Lincoln, NE to Ponca, NE (155 miles) and camped. Then four of us rode back the next day. It…

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