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im - 8/19/2008 02:19:00 PM

In the mailbag from Cornbread: What up Andy! Got the LHT built up and took her out for a spin this past weekend. Several of my buddies and I rode from Lincoln, NE to Ponca, NE (155 miles) and camped. Then four of us rode back the next day. It was....oh pretty good! The LHT is super comfy and is quickly becoming my favorite bike. Got some pics of the LHT and the Ponca ride here ---> http://cornbreadblog.blogspot.com/ Thanks again! Corey Cornbread won the frame in his pursuit of glory in the TransIowa. He's right, you know. The LHT is a kick ass bike. First you get on and you're all "It feels weird. Low. Heavy. I don't know guys." And then you put a bunch of crap on it, bags filled with your clothes and a tent that you bought for car camping but you don't want to buy another one just for this so you'll live, and a bunch of other stuff, and then you try to lift your bike and you're all like Woah, I can't pedal this much weight. And then you try. And you can. And it doesn't feel that much different to ride than it did without all the extra stuff loaded up. A bit more effort up the hills, but not that much. And that's when the light goes on and you go Oooooohhhhhh....I get it now. But I don't need to tell you. Or do I? -----
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More Stolen Bikes MPLS Hello God It's Me Johnny and his lovely wife had their rides lifted recently. Be on the lookout. He writes: "My wife and I just had our bikes stolen from 24th St. and 5th Ave S tonight. This is a big bummer mostly because my wife…

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Hi there. Xtracycle has improved their Freeloader bags so they now attach to your Big Dummy or Freerad frame more easily and securely. We've added new braze ons to the Big Dummy frame to accomodate. Good idea found here, and also at the top of Spew #19, creatively entitled Big…

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