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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.
I noticed, while mowing the lawn on Sunday, that it's cricket season again. So I gathered 2 dozen of the little hoppers, put them in an aerated plastic container, and gave them a chunk of carrot and some oatmeal to eat. My plan was to dry roast them and cover them with chocolate. So, last night, I put them in the oven, on a lightly greased baking sheet, for an hour at 93 degrees Celsius (200F). Then I tried dipping them in milk chocolate. That didn't work very well. My chocolate was too thick. I got a couple of them covered, but it wasn't pretty. Next time, I'll add some vegetable shortening to thin out the chocolate a bit. Plan B: I sprinkled some hot Cajun seasoning powder on the little fellas and ate them like popcorn. There was one little of the pic. I've eaten crickets in the past, but no grasshoppers. It didn't taste bad, but I like the crickets better. I'll try some bigger grasshoppers in the future. Maybe, the larger ones are better. The crickets and grasshoppers in my 'hood are still a bit small, so I'll wait a couple of weeks before I hunt again. I think jalapeno peppers, stuffed with cream cheese and sauteed crickets, sounds good. . .Hopper Poppers. I hope to try that next. See those little black specks in your bread and cereal? Quite possibly bug parts. Get over it, Sally. You eat plenty of bugs and like it. -----