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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.
Happening in Minneapolis: The Church of 2 Wheels, Zito T. Bikezealot pastor, is once again gathering the flock of those who want to rock, those who want to roll their city's underside, who want to feel the love and ride with the other peoples on the bikes. The Minneapolis Freeride is back for another all day croooooze Sunday, August 26. Do you see the light?! Happening in Australia: From Wayne at our Ozzie distributor Dirt Works: "I thought that you guys might like this one. Lucas is the editor/publisher of Adventure Gear magazine. Last year he walked across the Simpson Desert. (no clue why… when there are perfectly usable bikes to ride…). Attached are some pics of his most recent 50klm desert walk WITH HIS CHILDREN…" From Lucas: "There is a group of 10 who wish to try and repeat my 400km Simpson Desert crossing and they've asked me to advise them on various aspects including the cart and to support them when out there in case anyone drops out. The big problem with desert travel in spinifex country is that a lot of time is spent with one wheel up on a clump of spinifex and the other in a hole so the cart is sitting at 45 degrees and most of the weight is thrown onto the bottom wheel at an unhealthy angle. In summary: 20 wheels. Surly 4" rims Triple butted spokes Heavier hubs with 12mm bolt if possible and larger, heavier wheel bearings. I'd also need 21 tyres. No tubes required (I'll use motorbike tubes to cope with the big prickles)" I love that guy. We also have this to share, sent to us by the newly crowned Mrs. Lund, Short&Angry: And finally today, the proper method for cleaning your chain. You should see how they brush their teeth. -----