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Typhoon Days In Tokyo I think I might just have found the most bad-ass bottle opener ever. I found it at a souvenir shop near Asasuksa Temple in Tokyo. No one will ever mess with my bottle opener again! Today a typhoon is blowing through the Tokyo area. There are no high winds in this area but it's dumping a ton of rain. My Karate Monkey has been sitting outside in the rain for about 24 hours. This makes me happy and I can't really say why. I guess it's because in the past I have always been so anal about my bikes: never leaving them outside in the rain; washing the mud off after every ride; cleaning the gunk off the chain on a regular basis. These are not bad habits or anything. I mean, most people don't have as many bikes as most of the people I work with, so taking good care of your bike is very important. I just think personally I don't want to fuss too closely about such things. Anyway, about five minutes ago I stopped writing this to go outside and move my bike into the garage. I feel a little better now. -----