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im - 8/06/2006 06:44:00 AM

One of my bikes, a white Schwinn Crosscut, was stolen from my yard in the Longfellow neighborhood of south Minneapolis, yesterday. I lent it to a family member for a couple of weeks. While I was out riding the Beermuda Triangle, my father-in-law returned it. He left it in the back yard, next to the house, and covered it with a tarp. Somebody must have been watching him while he hid it, because my wife returned home 30 minutes after he had left, and it was gone. Here's the description of the bike: 20" white lugged cro-moly Schwinn Crosscut 'cross frame Chrome Tange 'cross fork Silver 700c rims with silver hubs SRAM 7.0 ESP Halfpipe shifters, ESP 7.0 rear derailleur, 7.0 linear pull brakes Black aluminum Salsa riser stem, black Salsa flat bar, black seatpost Silver Sugino 58/94 BCD cranks with silver chainrings Red Oury grips Charcoal Selle San Marco Integra railless saddle 700 x 37 Panaracer Pasella or T-Serve rear tire, 700 x 38 Kenda front tire In the last 8 years, I put thousands of miles on my Crosscut...usually pulling a trailer. It was my tractor. I'm bummed that it's gone. If you see this bike, please let me know. I'm looking forward to delivering appropriate justice to the scum that stole it. -----
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im - 8/04/2006 11:19:00…

I was about 10.5km into my 25.5km Friday commute home from the office when the drive-side Ritchey 'cross crank on my Pacer fixie snapped into two pieces as I started from a stop at a 4-way intersection. It had never been crashed, and it wasn't scarred in any way that…

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