Bikes. Parts. Chaos.
So yeah, like Nick said: many of the cogs are back in. Conundrum uni frames should be in stock in a day or so. And the long awaited cassette spacer kits too. Good stuff. In other news, I got an email a few days ago that seems like something you might be interested in, at least if you live around here. It reads: "Hey - I've put together a new forum to help connect riders in the twin cities. I'm hoping it will eventually be a good community resource where people can get info on local rides, shops, sell and trade parts, or just shoot the shit. It's still in the formative stages, like 3 days old, but there are already ~70 people signed up, and I'm hoping we can get more. If you'd take a moment to check it out and maybe let people know about it, I'd totally appreciate it." Sho' nuff Jeremy. There you go. Appreciate away. And to the rest of you: I hereby order you to check it out and enjoy the crap out of it and all it has to offer. Finally today, Surly Music News field reporter Blake "I bent my wookie" Jensen reports that this Thursday, the 3rd of August, Station 4 in downtown Saint Paul will be home for the evening to metal mongers 3 Inches of Blood. Early Man and Bad Wizard open. Good god y'all! Get thy ass in gear and make your ears bleed. A wall of hair and sound awaits you. -----