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New Stuff You Can Waste Your Money On Now In Stock! We just received some new soft goods, so now that we've done our part we expect you to do yours. The first item is a new T-shirt. It's called the Midnight Flowers shirt, but all you'll need to remember is that they come in three styles: Kid's (Youth) S, M, L Women's (grrrls) S, M, L and Adult(dudes) S, M, L, XL. $20 There are a variety of colors as well, so hopefully some of them will make you happy. Midnight Flower Tee Front Midnight Flower Tee Rear The second item is a wool hat, made for us in the U.S.A by Walz Caps. There will be another style coming in a couple of weeks but right now we have the all black felted wool ones in S/M and L/XL sizes. When you enter this item into your replenishment software you'll need to assign a cost of $30 to it. The new style will be white with blue racing stripe, and it will be limited to around 200 caps. Once those are gone we'll have another new one for your consumption pleasure. Wool Cap Black Happy weekend everybody. In the words of the immortal Kevin Cronin, "Keep pushin' on!" -----