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From the mailbag this morning: hey you surly folk - started with a 1X1 a few years ago. it rocks at going over rocks, around rocks, even under rocks occasionally when i'm in the right place. then rock gardens started getting easier and i thought a fixie might make them more challenging. what better ride to fix than a karate monkey. one speed, drop bars, fixed 38X17. damn thing goes over rocks too, and around them, but not yet under them - no trips to moab with the km yet. then i thought road rides might build the muscles a little better so i could do longer offroad rides. picked up a pacer. friggin' thing goes over rocks too (little tiny ones packed down in asphalt form). dirt roads with a spattering of small rocks. gravel roads. bottom line - your stuff rocks. now i got my eye on a steamroller. i've seen what they do to rocks. work hard. play harder. be surly. ray Damn straight, Ray. Thanks. -----