Bikes. Parts. Chaos.
I started working for Surly, as a product designer, 6 years ago. 4 ½ years ago, Wakeman moved back to Denver and I moved into the GM position he'd held. That worked out fine. Surly was still pretty small, and I had time to manage the brand and design bike stuff. But we've grown a bit since then, and I can't do both. So I made the decision, in February, to go back to what I really want to do…design and develop Surly product. I went to college, many years ago, so I could learn how to use the tools and techniques of product creation. My professional goals have always been set on finding a career that blends art with mechanics. Purchasing, accounting, personnel management and all of the business dookie that goes along with being a GM of present-day Surly doesn't fit into that plan. The new Surly GM is Jolly Green Peter Redin…also known, by his adoring fans, as Snacky P. Peter has been our international sales guy for many years, so he knows the product and he knows our market. He loves spreadsheets, long walks on the beach, endless meetings, vanilla-scented candles, bar graphs, fizzy raspberry bubble baths, product status reports, Fabreze, half-caf soy almond lattes with a sprinkle of nutmeg and brown sugar, white wine spritzers, and all things Yanni. With this going for him, we think Peter has what it takes to steer the Surly shortbus to world domination. Congratulations, Snacky. What does this mean to you? Well, now that there are 5 Surlys instead of 4, you should get better customer service all around. Look forward to better fill rate, more product selection, and new glossy packaging featuring unicorn holograms. -----