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After having been bombarded by several emails from several people who seem quite passionate about it, I supposed it was high time to mention the 2006 Bicycle Film Festival on this here blog. Now up to 10 (count 'em, TEN) cities worldwide after only 6 years according to the Official Press Release, which does say that the event kicks off May 10 in NYC. Here's the tour schedule: New York (May) Los Angeles (June) Minneapolis (July) Chicago (July) London (September) San Francisco (October) Sydney (October) Melbourne (October) Tokyo (November) Milan (December) I am not including the press release because I am the only man on deck today here at Surly Intergalactic HQ and frankly I'm too busy (and/or stupid) to uplink the file. Besides, the press release is just that, a press release... heavy on spin but not really all that strong on actual facts. My only bitch is that the official website does not list a schedule of the movies being shown, nor the theater locations in each city, and they completely omit MPLS from the list of tour cities on the home page. C'mon, guys. ****** So..ever hear of The DittyBops? The lovely and talented Ms. Bloggins describes them as "another punk rock bluegrass band," and our good friend Tammy likes them and she has good taste in music I think. I bring it up because they are starting a tour and doing so on bikes, LA to NYC. They dig on the bikes, and while I'm officially no longer 'down with' anything, I do think that earns them brownie points. Plus for sale on their website they have a calendar with bikes and girls, and I'm a big fan of both. ****** And finally today, First-Things-F*ckin'-Last, you might be interested to know that the following items have passed QC inspection and are either in stock or just about to be: >Nice Racks, fronts and rears in both black and silver. >Forks, including 700c Long Haul Trucker & Karate Monkey >Karate Monkey framesets in black (16", 18", & 20") and brown (20") >Hubs: Some front, some rears. Notably 120mm fixie hubs in all varieties. Due in soon (a week and a half or so) are the 130mm New hubs...32h, black or silver, and they're fixed threaded on one side and SS freewheel on the other. They are fully Kick Ass rated. -----