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The hairiest of Surly, just barely.

There are two Surly employees you've probably never heard of. This does not mean they are not doing important jobs, quite the contrary.
Meet Gigi
Here we see Gigi testing our Endomorph tires for sidewall durability and wet weather performance. After this test we also learned that dog blood shows up suprisingly well on an Endomorph. Gigi didn't care. Gigi belongs to Johnny. They both enjoy product testing, being aggressive, whining when left alone, drinking beer, and humping. Johnny's spring project has been teaching Gigi to ride in a trailer and wear a backpack. Discuss.
Meet Wilma
Wilma's pretty good at nosing her ball in everyone's crotch until you throw it for her. Andy falls for this most often...not a suprise. It's worth mentioning that Wilma's only got front wheel drive, as she lost one of her rear legs as a puppy. So, when Andy tossed the ball a little too close to Nick's cube wall, Wilma did the ultimate butt powerslide into the wall while trying to stop. The wall moved about 6 inches, the dog freaked, and about 30 cans toppled to the floor. Retriever that she is, Wilma started picking up all the cans and delivering them to us. Good girl.
Stock update.

We just received some fancy new things. Black Steamroller frames and complete bikes are in stock and they look real nice. You can order one up today from your favorite local bike shop.