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im - 4/03/2006 01:37:00 PM

New Large Marge rim extrusion We've been working on some improvements to our existing Large Marge rims to address the oddities of an offset built wheel. This new rim is designed specifically for Pugsley and other offset frames and is NOT compatible with standard bike frames. Issue # 1- We wanted increased spoke hole offset from the center of the rim. This will make for more even spoke tensions from side to side (stronger wheel) and accomodate hubs with flanges that are spaced closely together (like Rohloff). Issue # 2- With the new 12mm spoke hole offset, we were required to redesign a completely new extrusion. So why not hog it out a little bit? The new rims are coming in around 150 grams lighter than the original models. Issue # 3- Tire removal was a bit different than most other tire/rim combinations. You were required to push the tire bead into the inner valley of the rim to create enough slack to pry the tire off. This was easy if you knew how to do it, but difficult for 1st timers or impatient people that don't read instructions. With the new extrusion, we've made the valley of the rim slightly steeper near the sidewall to aid in getting the tire into the valley. Once inflated, the tire beads will still "lock" up against the sidewall snugly for running low pressures, as has always been the case with Large Marge. There is a slight price increase from the original to the new extrusion rims. The original non-offset rims have not changed and will not change. There are three new part numbers for the "new extrusion" offset Large Marge, all rims are black anodized with machined sidewalls and eyeletted spoke holes: RM0011- 32 hole, DH, 990 grams, in stock this week RM0012- 36 hole, DH, 990 grams, in stock late summer RM0013- 32 hole, XC, 910 grams, in stock this week This diagram is a cross-section of the new extrusion. -----
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Cherry Trucker, dude

The heavily anticipated Black Cherry Sparkle Long Haul Trucker framesets have passed QC and are going into stock. They're purdy. Call your shop if you're after one, cuz u snooz u looz. Still and all, we're getting more in stock soon so don't break a sweat. -----

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