Bikes. Parts. Chaos.
wake up little susie When last we left our intrepid hero Brauer, or rather when last he left us, he looked like Merle Haggard, in that he looked, well, haggard. See above photo. What's with that schmaz on the wall behind his head? Things are looking up for our hero. He headed west on a train with his bike and he's been riding around, meeting people and hanging out with old friends. His last missive found him in Santa Cruz, where he was treated to a hot bed and soft meals at Devon and Surly-4-Lifer Yafro's domicile. He also got scratched by some Swede he met there, a forearm-length meat gully. And most classy of all, he got to hot tub with worldwide celebrity Borat in Yafro and Devon's jacuzzi. We don't expect him back any time soon. In fact, we keep brushing off the pesky idea of heading out and joining him for a week or two. Living the dream. egad -----