Bikes. Parts. Chaos.
Quote O' The Day: "I used to stay in a different hotel, but they lost points when two years in a row either I didn't get a wake up call or participants in my tour group didn't get them and that's not good when you have to be at a prairie chicken blind at 4:30am." I found that on a random blog today in, on, or around the interweb. Also found on the other side of the digital divide was an announcement on the bulletin board of for an upcoming bike ride in the south MPLS area. The posting reads: "I don't mean to interupt the intellectual commeraderie [heh heh heh... -K.B.], but I have a public announcement!! Sloppy Southside Ride This event has been rescheduled- Any publications stating this event takes place on April 1st are incorrect!!! March 25th is the final date! Attention Bicycle freaks! Saturday March 25th is the much anticipated Sloppy Southside Ride!!! This event is being organized by a group of geographically like-minded individuals who during quite a hauty rant, contribed this subtle spectacality of territorial pride. The morning will start at 10:30am near the "Bakken", a electricity and technology museum on 36th and Zenith South. The cost of the museum tour is $7.00. We plan to meet at the closest picnic table and share a potluck breakfast. After the museum tour we will continue east via Minnehaha Parkway and end at the Fort Snelling Club. (Northsiders can take the lightrail downtown) Everone is welcome! Look forward to pleasant surprises and predictions along the way. (The Sunrise Inn is an example of a pleasant prediction) Ten-four?" So there you go. Something to do. I don't want to hear you complaining about how bored you are. Get outside and get some excercise. {Oh yeah: there's this too, found by Dr. Benzo. For those of you unfamiliar, Herman Miller Co. designs ...stuff, both tangible things and design philosophy. Perhaps most notably, this company 'invented' the modular work space, or Cubes as they've come to be known. You're probably sitting in one right now, frustrated that you can't make an appointment with your doctor privately, without your cube neighbor hearing you. And now wealthy companies can purchase not only his plastic furniture and revamped modular design ideas but as well the Herman Miller corporate dogmatic ideology (which, as rightfully-suspicious Surly pal Fiddy G points out, is the structure of religion too). This line, from the article, sums it up pretty nicely: '..there is something hilariously ironic about a locking file cabinet with wheels.'} -----