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1x1 bike- new Punkin Orange color Oh yeah, lookit that. I have placed this image before you as harbinger that orange & black Wraith Rides are beginning to drift into stock. Currently some 18s and a few more 20s and 22s are here and waiting for you, and more of everything, including 14s and 16s, will be here early next month, which is like 2 weeks, not even. Keep in mind the pitchur shows the one we built up to be a show bike... we don't sell these as completes, but as framesets. They're also available in black (with white graphix) because Get Bent, that's why. This, however, is the first appearance of the orange and black. Orange is fast. And black is fast. Together they're going to make this the bike equivalent of a '78 Cutlass with a hemi, posi, fat shoes, and cop suspension. The last of the V8s. I am a rocker, I am a roller, I am an out of controller. I am a fuel injected suicide machine. I am FM0085 (14"), FM0086 (16"), FM0087 (18"), FM0088 (20"), & FM0089 (22"). Let's have one more quick look: black&orange 1x1 front shot Oh, that's nice. BTW, there are still some sparkly lemon/lime frames in stock. Them're yummy too. ************************************************************************************* And oh yeah, Deuce? Yes, Surly wool jerseys are still in stock in all sizes (S, M, L, XL), genders (mens' womens', and other), and colors (black with white lettering or green with black). Get summa that too. A guy on RAGBRAI last year saw us wearing our wool, and it was not a cool or even mild day. It was hot. We were sweating, everyone was sweating- but we were sweating less than him, in his stinky, garish synthetic jersey, and still he asked in a somewhat snippy tone, "What is that, wool? You guys think it's winter?" Yes, we think it's winter. Don't be a dillhole like that guy. At least try it for yourself. You'll see. ************************************************************************************* The lovely and talented Ms. Bloggins (no longer Ms. Anthropy now that spring is beginning to peek through the snow) sends this link , said it made her cry. I believe it. It's a story of love, when you boil it down. Mr. Cutshall, you have my undying respect. -----