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im - 3/11/2008 03:13:00 PM

My stars, things are happening. I don't have time to type it all, so just a couple "action items" to "blue sky": Mr Whirly cranks are in the building but they still need to pass quality control inspection by our intrepid QC Agents, Adam and Hello God It's Me Johnny. Shouldn't be long now. But currently in stock, for the first time in a long time, are Surly wool jerseys. They're merino (which is a kind of soft-next-to-the-skin wool), because merino is the shit. If you want me to tell you why, write in and ask. Black is still an option, popular among like-minded dark siders and as formal cycling wear for high-dollar silent auction fund raisers, but we also have green, modeled here by our our kilt wearing man of action, Fleck. Green jersey on sexy Fleck Mens' and womens' cuts, long and short sleeve in both, and don't forget the zippered rear pocket, which is not only useful on the bike but also low-key enough to make it suitable for drinks with friends or enemies. A real class act all the way. Oh, and one more thing: we still have these Karate Monkey caps in stock. Made from scrap wool remnants from our pals over at Walz Caps. They look good, they feel good, and they look and feel good. New Stuff 001 More news as events warrant. "The party didn't slow down 'till dawn. The crew of a San Pedro tuna boat showed up about One, and was routed. The police came by at Two, and stayed to join the party. Mack took their squad car to go get more wine. A woman called the police to complain about the noise, and couldn't get anybody. The crew of the tuna boat came back about Three, and was welcomed with open arms. The police reported their own car stolen, and found it later, on the beach. Things were finally back to normal, on Cannery Row. Once more, the world was spinning in greased grooves." -John Steinbeck, Cannery Row -----
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When not writing some of the words that Surly uses to convey information about their products and life position, Chest enjoys a stunning array of adventurous and rewarding endeavors. He is an internationally known entrepreneur and businessman, an award-winning architect, and has trekked the perimeter of China, unsupported, overland on bicycle, on foot, and on skis. He fluently speaks eight languages, including Icelandic, which is considered to be one of the world's most difficult languages to master. He is an avid skydiver. He designs spacecraft for NASA. He has been in no less than twenty-one feature films and is considered the world's leading authority on the healing properties of snake venom. He has built a popular reputation as a funnyman, appearing in cameo roles on various popular television shows primarily in the U.S., Europe, and Japan, and is the author of sixteen books about achieving one's potential. He is a motivational speaker drawing on his experiences in combat, for which he was awarded two purple hearts, and is a personal life coach to celebrities and notable figures worldwide. In his spare time he enjoys music, bicycles, writing, and spending time with his family. In other words, he's totally perfect, so don’t worry about it.

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A huge time commitment isn't required to get a satifying bike-camping fix. Last Friday, our crew of 5 rode 50km to a campsite in a western ‘burb to put on some mellow, lightly-loaded (referring to the bikes) miles and camp overnight. The packing configurations varied among the bikes…3 Surlys and…

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