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im - 3/10/2006 01:24:00 PM

Sunny and low 40s here in the mud bog known as MPLS. Wind is a little breeze, maybe 10-15mph out of the NW. That's downright balmy for Minnesota this time of year. I just got back from a holiday in the sun (cue Sex Pistols) which left me drained and filled, divided but whole, and sun burned while frostbitten (yes really. before i left a bunch of folks went for a ride on the coldest day of the year. although I was otherwise plenty warm, my apparently-large ear lobes stuck out under my hat and the right one got a little crispy. the first day of vacation i forgot sunscreen and actually did have sunburn and frostbite both at once). Vacations are good that way. Took the bikes (which turned out to be a pain, so screw you Sun Country airlines), but didn't ride a ton for a lot of reasons. One of those reasons, honest to god, is that I need a break from bikes once in a while. I love bikes, but I live and breathe bikes all the time --it's what I for a living and what I do for fun-- and it's been that way for a long, long time. So every once in a while a person needs a break. But I did log some miles. Most roads where I was were like offroad trail, except maybe bumpier and more traffic than on a trail. And more dogs. Dogs everywhere. Funny, though, that riding there was safer in a lot of ways than driving (and in some cases walking), but all the other Americans on the flight were in awe ('you rode your BIKE?! I wouldn't feel safe doing that..."). So I'm back and MN is still cold, but not so much as before, as spring is on the way and the sun is shining and, well, I'm ready to ride again. Gotta put on some miles. Which reminds me: the Midwest Mountain Bike Festival (formerly known as The Summit) is coming up fast, as is the 11th Fruita Fat Tire Fest. Surly will be at both in some fashion and we'd love to see you there, so get on your bikes and ride. Click on the links and stuff to get the 4-1-1. -----
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