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im - 3/05/2009 09:47:00 AM

Lay it down, clown. I think this event falls under the category of The Duck Getting It On With The Weasel, and that is one show you don't want to miss. If you live in, near, on, around, under, beside, toward, below, across, within or among Bellingham, WA, go to this event with your favorite sweetheart bicycle this weekend. Unless you are a drafty uptight codger you will have fun. I know this because I know one of the guys putting this on, and he knows a lot about having fun. And oh yeah: dress like a clown. Go Bozo, it's your birfday. Also happening in the world Our man in South Africa, Paul, sends news of his latest outing, proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that there is some serious riding happening in his little corner of the world: "Just got back from a three day race in KwaZulu-Natal, starting at the foot of our largest mountain range, the Drakensberg, and ending 260km and nearly 5000m of climbing later at the seaside resort of Scottburgh. The 1x1 was hassle free through plantations, cane fields, rivers and forests. Best of all, probably half of it was singletrack. We descended twice into the Umkomaas valley down switchbacks like saddle leather, polished by indigenous cattle. We carried our bikes through the Umzimvubu River four times and waded through calf-deep mud more often than I care to recall. We climbed a hill called ‘Hlekabafazi' which translates literally as ‘Cackling Women', but is nothing more harmful than the Zulu name for a red-billed hoopoe, one of which we saw right there. As we approached our destination the signs of human habitation were disappointingly obvious – a small sand-mining operation, concrete weirs, roads, and worst of all litter. We eventually spilled out onto the beach where the organizers had kindly made a path from forklift pallets. Before we were home we crossed a lagoon on one last floating bridge. Unfortunately the guy ahead of me was a triathlete, so he went off the right and his departure sent a sine wave straight at me and I took a dive off the left. I'm stripping the bike down now, and while the frame's like this I'm thinking of a new paintjob. My buddy suggests ‘Hakkalugi Green' but I'm tending towards ‘Laguna Cola'. There you go." Red-billed Hoopoe And how. -----
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Curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to test the viability of using Co2 cartridges to fill Endomorph tires. So I fully deflated both Endomorphs on my Pug after last night's ride through the slush-filled park. Then, I used the entire contents of a 40 gram Genuine Innovations…

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Although riding season doesn't exactly stop around here despite approximately 5 months of very long, very cold winter, it is not without some sense of relief that locals look forward to the warmer temperatures which are only now beginning to stir. Some of us couldn't wait and headed to Fruita,…

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