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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.
Although riding season doesn't exactly stop around here despite approximately 5 months of very long, very cold winter, it is not without some sense of relief that locals look forward to the warmer temperatures which are only now beginning to stir. Some of us couldn't wait and headed to Fruita, Colorado, for the annual Fruita Fat Tire Fest, where the trails call your name and the sun shines almost daily. I was not among that group this year, however, and will let them recover and then (hopefully) regale you all with stories of high times and epic rides. The rest of us will have to keep our eyes open for coffin jockeys and dream about upcoming nourishment for our cycling selves. While you're dreaming your little dreams and planning all your summer daze, consider that the organizers of the LynLake Festival in uptown MPLS request the honour of your presence. They highly encourage bike use in and around their section of the planet, both for the event and in general, and this is something I think we can all agree is a good idea. If you have tried to drive in uptown any time in the last decade, you will appreciate why this is a worthy goal. For you art lovers out there, a little birdy told me recently that world class art museum the Minneapolis Institute of Arts is planning a shindig mid-summer involving a group ride to the museum, followed by drinks and movies. And of course you are encouraged to stop in and feed your soul by perusing their collection of staggeringly beautiful works of fine art, an experience you should try and work into your regular routine. The more you see it, the more you understand it. The more you understand it, the more parallels you will find in explaining your own existence. Not bad. More on this as developments warrant. And don't forget the Bicycle Film Fest, which promises not only many new and kick ass bicycle related movies, but also the chance to show your colors at one of the most comprehensive cyclist gatherings in these parts, drawing everyone from casual cyclists to hardcores of all stripes. In itself, this is beautiful to see and be part of. Local dates not yet announced, but again you will find details right here as we know them. Stay tuned. Soon, my chickadees, soon. -----