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im - 2/11/2008 02:27:00 PM

Sometimes you just have to get a frame to the Post Office. -----
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Eric is a pretty ok guy. Tall, loud, personable, slightly annoying, mostly harmless, law-abiding, easy-going, longitudinal, forthrightly wishy-washy, slightly bent, wigged out, dopey, and marginally accident-prone. He lives on cold cereal and American macro-brews while occasionally fighting the good fight. He's fallen down in front of big crowds before, and he'll likely do it again. He sometimes zigs when he clearly should have zagged.

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im - 2/25/2008 01:01:00…

Surly News News Youse Can Uze First things first: concerned consumer J. Rollason....wait, that's too obvious... let's call him Jon R. ...Anyway, Jon wrote to us: Folks Some of us are in the UK waiting for Big Dummys. Part of our daily routine is to click onto your site. Please…

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im - 2/08/2008 11:46:00…

As usual, this year's Arrowhead 135 Winter Ultramarathon, a 135-mile human-powered race through northern Minnesota, promised to be a little different than years past. There would be a new mandatory checkpoint at the Gateway Store. The forecasted weather included warmish temps and snow. The moon would be minimal, so I…

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