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im - 2/06/2008 08:36:00 AM

Girl Carl represents the MPLS arm of the Bicycle Film Fest. She informs me that there have been no MPLS submissions, and the deadline is looming. Really? A town with so many cyclists and so many creative weirdos has never submitted a movie to this event? Get on it, Scorsese. The EIGHTH ANNUAL BICYCLE FILM FESTIVAL is now accepting entries. Deadline For Entries Is February 19th(-ish) We are looking for films with a strong theme or character of bicycles. This includes all mediums and styles such as animation, experimental, narrative, documentary and music videos. The BFF is held in over 15 cities around the world including Tokyo, New York City, Los Angeles, Milan, and London. In 2007 the total BFF attendance was nearly 100,000 people. BFF is a celebration through film, art and music. Past BFFs has been have included works from legendary artists such as Jonas Mekas, Michel Gondry, Mike Mills and Jorgen Leth. The emerging artist is showcased as well. The Bike Film Fest is expected to be a huge success in 2008. All cities have been selected and dates for NEW YORK are May 28th - June1st. All other dates will be set within the month. For more information and entry forms, visit the BFF website: http://www.bicyclefilmfestival.com -----
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As usual, this year's Arrowhead 135 Winter Ultramarathon, a 135-mile human-powered race through northern Minnesota, promised to be a little different than years past. There would be a new mandatory checkpoint at the Gateway Store. The forecasted weather included warmish temps and snow. The moon would be minimal, so I…

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Someone stole the lights and fenders off our bikes outside Luce friday night. This has never happened to me or anyone I know in MPLS. It had to be a bike person because whoever did it knew how to remove the brackets and even took the bar shims I had…

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