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A Complete & Awesome Waste Of Time Exhibit A: Heavy Metal Laundry Tips. Exhibit B: Live Fast, Have A Near Death Experience a' la Nikki Sixx, Then Grow A Beard. Like Aaron said when he passed this one to me: Beard = Wisdom. Nikki still doesn't have a beard. Mick Mars did, sort of, for a while. Exhibit C: In thinking about the critiques of our color choices that have trickled like pus from a gonhorrea patient's nether leather since we started this crazy ride, I have begun to think that perhaps people assume we don't consider our color options at all, or are color blind. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact we had an office discussion about color today. There is a rainbow of movies out there that inspire us. Herewith is a short list to consider: Black Hawk Down, Black Beauty, Men In Black, Black Dahlia Purple Rain Blue Thunder, Blue Velvet, My Blue Heaven Fried Green Tomatoes Ol' Yeller A Clockwork Orange Red Dawn, Red Sonja Pink Flamingoes Snow White So there. -----