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Someone stole the lights and fenders off our bikes outside Luce friday night. This has never happened to me or anyone I know in MPLS. It had to be a bike person because whoever did it knew how to remove the brackets and even took the bar shims I had taped into place. LIGHTS? You stole bike lights? Jerk off. I don't care about the lights, or the money they cost. You stole something other cyclists use to be safe. Seriously, that's a shitty thing to do, and officially makes you an ethically corrupt low life. Get bent. ************************************************************************************* Here I am wearing the new Surly?/Walz? cap. Black and red like Kit from Nightrider, with the karate monkey on the port side. New Stuff 001 In stock now in sizes Fits Pretty Good and This One's Bigger. Call your shop for CL0347 or CL0348. ************************************************************************************* Sheldon Brown died yesterday of heart failure. Longtime weirdo, bike nut, and archiver of lots and lots of bicycle related technical data, Sheldon disliked every frame color we ever produced and made sure to point out when we had not used the correct water bottle cage bolts. He also knew more than you probably will ever know about bikes. Do YOU have an opinion about where on your pedal your foot should rest? Hats off and a moment of silence for the man. Take care Brown family. -----