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im - 2/01/2008 11:24:00 AM

The natural scavenger in a cyclist can be rewarding, especially this time of the year when the snow melts and reveals all sorts of wonderful goodies. The best ground scores are tools, probably from the back of a work truck. This winter I nabbed two nice sidecutters. Two weeks ago I found $15. Every few weeks a good bungee cord comes along. But sometimes it's that not-so-fresh looking animal that scars your vision, like the half rabbit on the way to work a few days ago that made you wonder where the other half was. Or the classic flattened squirrel, hide and hair remnants of a once well-fed and nimble rodent. While riding home with QBP regal legal and all around beardo Matt Moore, he spotted something I hadn't seen in the road since that wrong turn in a bad neighborhood in Utah, a deer leg. Just like that half rabbit, it made you wonder where the other parts of the deer were. Or better yet, how it got there. Was it a yard sale reject? Was it a dog toy? Did it fall off the truck that hit the deer? Did little Johnny use it for a baseball bat? One will never know, but it made for a more interesting ride home through suburbia. -----
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Someone stole the lights and fenders off our bikes outside Luce friday night. This has never happened to me or anyone I know in MPLS. It had to be a bike person because whoever did it knew how to remove the brackets and even took the bar shims I had…

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im - 1/25/2008 11:04:00…

Things are happening. Here in MPLS you gotcher Snowball's Chance in Hell: And then you gotcher Stupor Bowl, also right here in the MiniApple. Organizers say: "Once again, the Minneapolis Bicycle Messengers are at it again, organizing the 11th Annual Stupor Bowl alleycat to be held in our fair city…

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