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Check out this article from the Seattle Times: Seattle Times Fixie Article Sure it's one of those "dig this new trend - it's called fixed gear" articles, but it features the president of a finance company who rides a Steamroller. -photo Ken Lambert The Seattle Times "I feel a lot more free because you don't do anything other than pedal," he says. "It's the very basics of riding. It's like cooking a really good meal but doing everything from scratch." Word. We're real proud of this. Surly is for everyone brothers and sisters. Never forget that. Also, Adam Smith who's featured in the same article runs Counterbalance Bicycles, introduced me to the joys of Rainier Beer, and is an official good egg. Go see him and his shop folk for the Surly hookup. Or check out the new and improved Surly dealer finder. The pirate flags tell you which shops are true Freinds of Surly. -----