Bikes. Parts. Chaos.
Things are happening. Here in MPLS you gotcher Snowball's Chance in Hell: Snowball's Chance in Hell And then you gotcher Stupor Bowl, also right here in the MiniApple. Organizers say: "Once again, the Minneapolis Bicycle Messengers are at it again, organizing the 11th Annual Stupor Bowl alleycat to be held in our fair city on the 1st and 2nd of February, 2008. Last year, depite the starting temprature -2 F, over 300 people braved the cold to race in what has turned into one of North America's biggest and longest running alleycat races." Then there's the Broken Heart Alleycat coming up in Bellingham, WA. Broken Heart Alleycat Oh, and in April there's the first ever New Zealand Single Speed Championships. Wouldn't want to miss that. I hear it's bee-yootiful there. SSNZ O.k., that's enough shilling for one day. -----