Bikes. Parts. Chaos.
Hello droogs. The trails around here are fast. The snowpack makes them almost as fast as hardpacked dirt, with some ruts and ice patches doing the part mud would in summer. I rode a 20 minute loop at Wirth yesterday. My average summer loop time is 17 minutes. Not bad. Not that I keep track of that sort of thing. So I got an email today letting me know that MPLS protorocker Dale T. Nelson is once again having his birthday bash at The Entry. His band, Otto's Chemical Lounge, and a spate of to-be-determined loudbands will be playing there the evening of Saturday, February 18. This is QBP's Frostbike weekend, frostbike being a dealer show sponsored by our distributor and Big Brother (take that how you will) Quality Bicycle Products, so if you're in town and want some loud music MPLS style, show up. Doors at 8, and the email says Otto's plays at 11:30, but puh-leeze, this is ROCK, and rock rolls when it wants to, or at least when it stops barfing in somebody's guitar case, so show up early and stay late. I asked (and by asked I mean begged using a lot of exclamation points) them to get the Mighty Mofos on the roster, but regardless it should be good and loud. This show comes with the official Kenny Bloggins Double-Thumbs-Up-Like-You're-Shootin'-Pistols-With-A-Cheesy-Grin-And-A-Wink seal of approval. And for those of you following the progress of SSWC 06 (if I have to spell that out for you you have not been following along): the date is set. Get thee to, where the fine journalists from Singletrack in the north of Wales have secured an interview (of sorts) with Tobias, one of The People sadist enough to take this thing on. Enjoy. Make plans now, espcially as I understand from mulitple sources that Sweden is expensive, especially the liquor. But hey, this is the world championships of being an idiot, so come get one in the yarbles. If you have any yarbles, that is. -Billy Boy -----