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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

2 things on the docket today (Nick beat me to the punch with The Stockard Channing Route photos): 1) The Who Wants A Mustache Ride Year 3, I believe, for this ride/slash/facial hair growing contest from the whack jobs at Category 6 Racing. Grow all the facial hair you can muster for the next month or so, then shave it down to the ol' Ned Flanders for the night of the ride itself. The hair growing part of the ride IS a competition complete with prizes, although the ride itself is not a competition, but neither portion is gender specific, so if you're a swarthy woman or just good with a Sharpie, then climb on for the Mustache Ride. Oh, and this is a MPLS local event, so it helps if you're actually here for the ride, though I bet if you wrote in to Derrick at C6RS you could work out some sort of web linked conference call 'stache comparison thing. Click the thing up there for info. B) Custom Headtube Badgers Mentioned over a year ago on this here blog, custom jeweller Jennifer Green continues to make custom head tube badges that that rock so hard they will make your face melt. And as fate would have it, she has 2 castings specifically for Surlies. Both designs are cast in silver; one is the Karate Monkey his bad self and the other is the same design as our standard head tube badge except made from real metal (no picture of this...go look on the front of your Surly for an example). And remember, you're not just buying bling for your bike. For every Jen Green head badge you buy, you help a fellow cyclist get one step closer to achieving every cyclist's dream of a real vacation. You can always find her by clicking on the link on the lower right portion of this page that says Need A Headbadge?, but for a limited time we are also offering this link at the beginning of this paragraph at no cost to you. -----