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Wow. Maybe the only time you'll see a Surly rider wearing a Peugeot jersey. What's really strange about this photo, however, is the story that accompanies it. Someone idetifying himself only as 'Dave,' an american evidently stationed with the US military in Germany, wrote to us to send the picture and said: "I took this picture at the Fat Tire Festival in Garmish, Germany September 11, 2004. It is a race put on by the US Army and part of a military race series." The Army puts on bike races? Hey, if they throw in a pair of night vision goggles as a prize I'd be interested in signing up. Well, for the race anyway, not the Army. But wait, there's more: "Anyway, this guy raced expert, chugged a beer on the go every lap and came in third. I never got a chance to talk to him." Or thank him! Yeah, that's what I like to hear. Mr. Peugeot jersey, you're aces. But if you come to Minnesota you might not want to wear the Peugot jersey around BRose, as he's a bit opinionated about francovelo-related topics. -----