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I'm sure some of you out there like those fancy "clothiers" that supply at high mark-up the appearance of a life you don't actually live. You know what I'm talking about... places like Abercrombie&Fitch or J.Crew, where for only hundreds and hundreds of dollars you too can look sort of like you might have a cabin in Maine (instead of a studio with a mini microwave and a dorm fridge), a well-groomed and charmingly playful springer spaniel (instead of a goldfish floating in algae), and a statuesque, chisel-jawed boy or girl by your side, wind-swept hair perfectly messy as you motor to the general store in your impeccably restored panel truck. Me, I can't get behind that sort of hoopla, but more power to you. Especially now that you have an alternative to the panel truck. The disturbing thing for me isn't the price but that it's actually a pretty cool looking bike. It's even made, as it says on the page, of tubular steel & rubber (not counting the basket, evidently), so it looks more rustic than your $6000 carbon fiber whatever which hangs on your wall currently, though both will remain unridden, unhappy, and unencumbered by purpose. Yet another perfect accessory for that disappointing lie you call a life. -----