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Got this in the mail the other day: "dude, remember that awesome steamroller from the shipwreck dude; well, it got stolen a couple weeks ago. at least the the creamroller color looks rad, but it still ain't the same as the old boston baked bean frame with the threaded HS bummer dude, george" Bummer indeed. Lucky for George the creamroller is a beautiful shade of Not Stolen. Steamroller framesets should be here in a few weeks, followed shortly thereafter by Steamroller complete bikes. And for those of you who aren't into the cream color, the Steamroller will now come in black too (frames and bikes). The black complete, in fact, we have dubbed None More Black because...well, figure it out. ************************************************************************************ Big Dummy Tip O' The Day: Buy a set of those ratcheting, hook-ended tie down straps and throw them into the pocket of one of the Freeloader bags. Especially when used in conjunction with the Wideloaders (the horizontal plug-ins), these things open up the possibility of what you can carry, and if you always have them it's a no-brainer to grab the bike instead of the car, because, as David Byrne once said, "It's not just driving; it's parking." The straps transform big loads, especially unexpected big loads, from Daunting to Fun. Just make sure you attach the hooks to the frame and not to the Xtracycle plug-ins. This way you maximize load stability, plus you don't risk ripping the plug-ins right out of the frame. Big Dummy completes are coming sometime in January. BD framesets are in now, in all sizes. When asked what could be hauled on a Big Dummy, New York Doll David Johanson had this to say: -----