Bikes. Parts. Chaos.
How Was Your Halloween? Ours was not too shabby. Nick hosted his annual bash, and rather than try and explain it I think you should just refer to the pictures below. I will say I'm glad parties like this only come once a year, though. The hottie on the left is none other than Andy Corson. The charming clown is Nick Sande. Corson & Sande Halloween 2006 I went as a Twister game. I could never have imagined how my night would end up when I chose this costume. Twister Joy 1 Emily Richard showed up as Working Girl, and boy did she look hot. Fellers, she's available. Emily wins the costume contest P.J. Ramstack showed up as the creepy uncle. I'm really sorry I even took this picture. Creepy PJ Unfortunately I didn't get pix of Sov and his lady, or Grayboy (as some kind of winged rodent). As for Homey Fall Fest report, that ain't my thing, cuz I took zero photos. I did take about an hour of video though. Send me $19.995 plus S&H and I'll send you a copy right out. -----