Bikes. Parts. Chaos.
Things are happening. So, today is the last day of February, and it's been a tough one. I think I'm speaking for the rest of the Surly knitting circle when I say we're a bit winded after the last month or so of events and happenin's. Picture this, Cat 6 Racing's Moustache Ride one weekend (Chef Dog made Magnum's 'stache look like John Waters'), the Stuporbowl messenger race the next (sorry 'bout your teeth Ryan), the Snowball's Chance in Hell Formula Ice Race and Snowy Dash for Cold Hard Cash, the next (between Splat Moore's Wild Turkey Balls and Nate's Peanut Butter and Bacon sandwiches I was bound up for a week), and QBP's Frostbike trade show extravaganza last weekend (bummer 'bout your face Bill!) I'm plumb wore out. And, now Kenny Bloggins and Swervy have both flown the coop to secret tropical locales and are likely sitting on warm sandy beaches with their respective lady-friends as we speak. It's enough to make a guy all bitchy. Still, there's a little snow, so I rolled the Pug around the neighborhood on Sunday. I know you won't all have an opportunity to ride this bike before you buy it, but damn is it fun. Just complete stupid fun. Get one. On that note, many folks ask us about frame colors. "Dude, can I still get a Bean Green Cross-check?" "Bro! Can you make me a lavender 1x1 with flourescent green skulls?" The answer is no. We can't do that. HOWEVER! You CAN do it. Since our frames are so affordably priced (especially in comparison to, say, a brand new H2 (morons)) you should have a couple of bucks left over to paint your frame whatever color suits your fancy. Plenty of folks can paint a frame and it's likely someone near you can make your awful color choices a reality. I understand that you might not always dig the colors we choose. But you're not availing yourself of the data provided by the SUPERCOLORDEMOGRAPHICSURVEYBOT 8000. This machine probes into each of your minds and helps us pick colors for our frames, so don't blame us, blame the SUPERCOLORDEMOGRAPHICSURVEYBOT 8000. Or blame the colorwheel dart board we acutally use. Either way, here's an example of what a new Pugsley owner, a little cash, and a little gumption can produce. Go make your own. Devian did this one and he's real proud of it - as he should be. Make a bike your own. Get creative. GO... NOW! NOTE FOR DUMBASSES: THIS IS NOT A PRODUCTION COLOR - THIS IS A CUSTOM JOB. The first person to ask if we can get them this color gets a visit from a very tipsy, very oiled up, very rambunctious CHEEVER. -Skip -----