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Gather 'round. Take a knee. We have some new bits in stock now: Check out the Blockhead sox. They're angular for your pleasure, brown like all good things, wool like Zito's hair, and specifically designed to fill the void space between your shoes and your feet. What more do you want? Surly Blockhead Socks - brown with black zig zag stripe - side view Like everything else we do, they are available from your favorite bike shop. Go. Order. Luxuriate. Here's some new stuff that's not in stock yet: Big Dummy Complete Surly Big Dummy bike - olive drab - right side view We originally posted the picture of the Dummy with Xtracycle's new and very suave centerstand. The complete won't come with that sexy piece, but it will be available from our Longbike heros. Our complete Big Dummy bikes will be available mid to late December. Let your bike shop know you want one. And while you're at it, tell them what a great job they're doing. Running a bike shop is hard. Karate Monkey Complete Surly Karate Monkey bike - red - right side view The Karate Monkey complete 29" mountain bike will be available come mid-December too. It's really quite nice. Lot's of Surly bits on it and available in either Chum Bucket Red with black graphics or Pitch Black with white graphics. How will you ever decide? New Dropouts A bit ago we reported that the Long Haul Trucker and the Cross-check frames would be getting new dropouts. This sent one or two people into some sort of night sweat terror/gleeful dance of joy. Some people thought we were ruining the frames, and others thought we were making them better (is that even possible?) The truth is, the new dropouts will be functionally very similar to the ones you've come to know and adore (dropouts? really?). The LHT will still have vertical dropouts, but will be beefified some and just a touch sexier. Contrary to earlier reports, this one is not a thing we have designed. The Cross-check dropout, on the other hand, has been painstakingly massaged into being by our own Swervy. It's tough, it's fine lookin', and it has a little Surly S on it. Seriously. It will, like the Cross-check dropouts of yore, be semi horizontal with rack and fender mounts, etc. No disc mounts you freaks. Don't get me started. Fixed Disc Hub In the world of blogging and all things bike and bloggy (when bikes are concerned) and blogs - with bikes in them, I often turn to the wisdom of Chris and his henchpeople at Speedgoat. Few times in your life will you find more gooder information and funnytude. We'll have a new hub available this Spring. Here's what Chris had to say about it: Surly Fixed Disc bike hub - black - front, horizontal view with a specification tag above it "You rare and beautiful fixed gear mountain bikers have officially had your culture, or lack thereof, totally and utterly coopted by a gigantic mega-corporation known as "Surly." From the sheer quantity of velvet/black-light paintings decorating this company's [Interbike] booth, I can only assume that they have nearly endless financial resources, and will soon also offer root-beer flavored potato chips that cause anal leakage. But seriously, at the close of today's stock market, I think Surly is actually larger now than General Motors. Hostile takeover?" Thanks for not interviewing me this year Chris. I mean that both sarcastically and actually. Thanks also for the picture of the fixed/disc hub that I stole from yinz. Stole this one too: Rear, right side view of a tan Surly Cross Check bike, on a display stand, in a room with people standing around Some stuff that's out of stock We've run out of most sizes of Cross-checks and Long Haul Truckers. What can we do? You bought them all. More will arrive in mid-December. Breathe deeply and everything will be ok... except the economy. Front view of a person, standing on gravel next to a cyclist wearing a luchador mask, with a grass field behind them 'Member that time we was in Napa? Awesome. -----