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"I heartily endorse this service or product!" -Krusty The Klown We here at Surly are proud to call Friends many of the freakier people of this world, fine individuals all who seem so at home in the bell jar of bicycle culture that it may be easy to forget they possess character traits which make them unsuitable for work in the normal channels (traits such as Freekiness, Depressionism, Unbridled Freedom Seeking, Chronic Bicycle Riding, Sideburns, Independence, and Acute Shyness, to name a few), and from this fetid social petri dish periodically surfaces our good friend Luby. When we first met Luby he was still a wet-behind-the-bikeshop weirdo. He quickly moved into a pole position at QBP's Shock Treatment Center, spending a few years learning stuff from B. Rose (who for all practical purposes started Shock Treatment Center), after which he moved to Colorado to work for Maverick (before it got Spotted). Living The Dream is not a unique desire among bike people, but for some the desire isn't enough. Several months ago Luby stepped off the ledge of sensibility, parlaying his considerable expertise, skill, and talent as pertains to bicycle suspension and braking systems into a small business, And that brings us up to date. Although shilling for others is not the first order of business on this blog, there are occasions when it is appropriate. Luby is a solid friend, knows assloads about whatever technology you're abusing, and he can ride some mean trail too. Send him some love. -----