Bikes. Parts. Chaos.
Surlynews.cough is lucky to have in it's arsenal of whoop-ass many, many field correspondents. They send us stories from all over the globe; stories about races, stories about rides, stories about how and why they overran their (non-existant) expense accounts, stories about random crap, and those are my favorites. For example, take this very Minnesota exchange sent by Mary Gibney & Rusty Jones: (Biker hits a Pedestrian) Pedestrian: What the fuck are you doing! Biker: Fuck you! You walked right into the road! Fucking douche. Pedestrian: Asshole, you ran right into me! Biker: Are you alright? Pedestrian: Yeah, I'm fine. You? Biker: I'm alright. Pedestrian: Alright, have a good day. Biker: You too. Lyndale and 28thOverheard by Amused pedestrian. Wow. That's fantastic. They found it onOverheard In Minneapolis Dot Com. You know what else is fantastic? Here is today's short list: >New shirts >Bad ideas >Self Loathing comix >The shape of Round >The fact that there are two bands I like that share the same name and each consists of two dudes but the bands don't sound alike at all. -----