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I’ll See Your New Products, and Raise You Some New Stuff

Ah, January - when all Midwesterners question their life choices and gather another pail of ice-melt. The cold air slaps us continually with our own mortality, and the utter lack of sunlight stirs the pot of despair roiling deep within. It's pretty cool.

Check out the bright spot, though: stuff for you to buy. 

(disclaimer - dates are for U.S. availability. Lands other than where we are will have slightly different dates, some not too different, others a little more different.)

Karate Monkey

Both Purpley single speed 29er and Orangey many-speed 27.5+er bikes have begun their journeys to bike shops. The first order isn't huge, but the second isn't too far behind - think early Feb for the Purple and mid-March for the Orange. So good.



The new Trolls are here, too. All dressed up with Gnot-Boost hinders and new non-suspension-corrected-makes-more-sense-for-touring-and-commuting-fits-frame-bags-better geometry, they are nice. 


Flat Bar Cross-check

This bike rules. I know because I've seen them. You can trust me. I'm on the Internet. In stock again within 2-3 weeks in the US.



We also have new hats. FOR YOUR HEAD!!!



And a flask with new art... for liquids... FOR YOUR HEAD!!!


New Surly V2 pants are in stock. There's a pair on my legs right now... well, when I wrote this - which, for me, is right now. Your right now may vary. This picture isn't me and it wasn't taken now.

Our new pants are durable, roomy, and comfortable. They're designed for riding bikes, sitting, not sitting, wistfully dreaming while leaning against a barn twirling a daisy, or changing a lightbulb. Doing anything other than the aforementioned actions may result in more productivity, but also a certain melancholy.

- Constructed of medium-weight Cordura Duck cloth
- Updated fit features a lower rise, slightly slimmer leg (but not too slim!)
- Saddle gusset combines fit, function, and durability

New yellow Steamrollers are in stock now, and new slightly less yellow Ice Cream Trucks are in too.

Big Fat Dummy and Krampus are still on the deal for later. Big Fat Dummy looks like mid-March, Krampus like late April.

Thanks for your patience. It's only capitalism after all. It's not like we can put people on the Moon.


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