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I got your bikepacking right here in my chinos

Sure, we all want to think about the epic (kind of hate that word) bikepacking adventure that takes us to super inaccessible places. I like the smaller trips, because that's what you can actually fit into your current life. Maybe WHILE you plan for the big thing. Maybe the small thing is the big thing though.

Either way, the Boy and I periodically head out onto the local trails and make soup. It's sort of my favorite thing.


Them leaves didn't stand a chance.


Dad's only sort of good at fires.


The finished product.


Obligatory horsing around.

This time the soup was chicken stock, egg noodles, bock choy, ham, ginger, mushrooms, and something else I forget. Soup is the best for camp cooking because it's pretty forgiving. It's warm too.


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