Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

This sums 'er up pretty good:

The Dirtburger did not fail to entertain, humiliate, enlighten, or high-fivenate. There were trails, bird shit covered tents, full beer cans turning into empty ones, BUCKETBALL, and so many other things that have names. Thanks to everyone who came down. Showen wins for longest traveled and first to get his shit up on flickr. I win for most rocks on my wheels. Fiona, Chewey, and O'Gara win for third place Bucketball champeens. Spinner wins for most on fire. Bear wins for best daddy and best mess o' bluegill. Beet Root Stew wins for best band in the rain. Ward wins for least likely to win the 1x1 frame even though he did.

Next year will be bigger and better - or smaller and worse. Either way, when Decorah beckons, I recommend you answer the call.