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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.


My real name is Kianalendra Sugiarto. It is kinda weird name. So I prefer people call me Yansen.


I live in East Java – Indonesia

Who do you think you are anyway?

I am an owner of a shop selling electrical supplies in a small town in East Java – Indonesia.  I was born in 1972 but I always try to forget my age.

What do I think about me ? Okay...I love a lot of good things in life;  Films, music, photography, and too many others that I can mention. I work hard and I play hard.

I love biking. It’s kinda morning prayer for me. I usually get up at before four in the morning for so I can bike in the morning before I work. After getting up, I wear my retro style jersey and cycling caps. I’ve got a Molteni, 7-11, Brooklyn, BIC and some others.  I always love the elegance of the old world. You know...old music, old films including retro jersey design.

I usually ride alone. Nobody here goes riding at 4 AM for sure. Morning ride is just great. And I am blessed since the place where I live is surrounded by montain, forest and river. Not sure why; Maybe because of my face or the cycling jersey I wear; nearly every time I ride to villages; the villagers talk to each other that there is a BULE passing by. Bule is an informal Indonesian term for foreigner, especially Caucasian people. Somehow they think I am a bule. Once I wore a cycling jersey with Italian name design and the villagers thought that I was an Italian.

I am also a passionate portrait photographer. Once I was a pro photographer then I found out that I personally could enjoy photography more by keeping photography as a hobby.  Just like other cycling lovers, I also enjoy shooting my bikes when I ride. When I see beautiful spots, I often stop by and take some pictures of my bikes. Shooting people and shooting bikes are basically the same. They are both unique and beautiful. But I seldom bring my Fuji cameras when I ride. Somehow,  I just feel unsafe doing that and prefer shooting my bikes with my android phone when I hit the road.

Blue Surly Karate Monkey bike in front of a palm tree and a shack on stilts with the sun just above the trees

How’d you get into bikes?

My interest in bikes came late in my life. Just like many Indonesian people born in the 1970s, I rode a Shanghai made bicycle; Phoenix when I was a kid for commuting. Then I grew up and I hadn’t been riding a bicycle anymore for years.  When I was in my 30’s then I realized that I got fat. I couldn’t believe it. I used to be skinny. After watching Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, I was stunned that Daniel who was previously underestimated to be the new Bond could finally be a winner. And one of the reason was clearly because of his sexy body. Then I hit the gym. I also do kettlebell exercises. I even do Kettlebell juggling as well. All of that stuff could make me a little bit look younger (I hope).  But nothing could make me happier than biking. Biking is more than just exercise. It’s kind of recharging my body before I go to work. It keeps me in shape as well. As I remember I began to bike intensively around 3 years ago.

Rear view of Surly bike with a seat pack and Brooks seat facing a canal between rice fields

Tell me about your Surly.

In the middle of 2018, I bought my first Surly; A Midnight Special.  I guess the reason for buying it was because I had an aluminum bike; a Polygon Heist. And I wanted a different style of bike. So I bought a steel road bike. Besides, I was so curious then. I heard a lot of good things about steel bikes and Surly. I also had never ridden a road bike before. I watched the Path Less Pedaled review video about Midnight Special over and over again before I finally built one. When I write this; I am watching the pictures of my Midnight Special. It is kinda reflection of myself. There are a lot of my personalities can be found in it. It has Cascadia full fenders, Brooks microfiber bar tapes, a Gilles Berthoud Soulor saddle and...Are you ready? Pletscher kickstands as well.

I smile every time I ride with my MS. Not only because it is just a beautiful bike. In my small town; gravel bikes things are just extremely uncommon. So many cyclists here wonder why I ride off-road using a road bike.

In January 2019, I bought another Surly; A Karate Monkey.  I chose KM because I assumed that the character is very different with MS. And it turned out that I made the right choice. Just like my MS build; my KM also makes people wonder why I put Brooks bar tapes on that Moloko bar. And why I put a Brooks flyer saddle and...Pletscher kickstands.

But Surly bikes are just so versatile. They can be nearly anything that you want to be. That’s the beauty. And they ride like magic. And just like people say; steel is real.

A blue Surly Karate Monkey bike with gear parked in front of a rice patty with palm tree in the background

Favorite bike-related memory.

I don’t have specific favorite bike-related memories. But I remember a lot of happy moments related to biking. I remember the first time I could ride a bike. I remember the first time I rode a bike far away when I was a kid and I felt so free at that moment. The thrill every time I found a new and beautiful place. The thrill every time I build a new bike. Cycling is like a time machine. Make me feel like a kid again.

Small child with raised arm on a purple bike with training wheels and front basket on a walkway on the side of a home

If you could ride anywhere in the world, where would it be? (And why?)

I am thinking about cycling in Ireland. I saw the pictures of the cycling places there. The places look so peaceful. But not sure when I could go there.

About Daniel Steel

Dan Rasmussen a.k.a. Daniel Steel

Dan is Surly’s Marketing Manager, which is our fancy title for propagandist. He knows how to use Google really well — and not just to find out if bees feel fear or where all the cowboys went! He spends his days looking at numbers and data and other stuff we don’t fully understand. He can probably even figure out where each of you live, so be nice to Dan. His hobbies include cross-country skiing, hair growing, and eating gjetost. If you don’t know what gjetost is, ask Dan to Google it for you.