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Over here at Surly, we are constantly being amazed at what people are out there doing on their bikes.  This month's Humanoid of Surly is no different. Our friend Ryohei Oguchi resides in Japan, but you could also say the world is Ryohei's home. After all, he has visited 157 countries on his Surly, including a stop to visit us at the Intergalactic Surly HQ. For this installment, we have included questions and answers in both English and Japanese. Meet Ryohei: 

Cyclist standing with bike loaded with gear holds a Japan flag while on a busy city street with buildings all around

Location: Suwa, Nagano, Japan


Right side view of a cyclist wearing a reindeer costume, seated on yellow Surly fat bike and smiling

Who do you think you are anyway? 

I’m a man that makes my own dreams come true. I believe confronting difficulties and overcoming challenges is the reason for living. 



Cyclist facing toward camera while standing on a sandy road with a bike loaded with gear and mountains behind

How’d you get into bikes?

In my hometown, the Suwa area in Nagano prefecture is Suwa Lake.  When I was eight years old, I went on a 10 miles cycling trip around Suwa lake with my brother who is 3 years older than me. At that time, I found that the daily scenery I saw while riding in the car changed when I began to see it from my bike saddle. The origin and inspiration of my around of the world trip began with the landscapes of my hometown.



Two cyclists stand with their bikes loaded with gear dressed in wedding attire at an overlook of a mountain city

Tell us about your Surly. 

First of all, it's cool!  It is a fashionable and rugged bicycle.  Moreover, the reason to ride Surly is the Chromoly frame, it couldn’t be defeated even while riding it around the world. I liked that I could select the frame shape and size to fit my body. Even when not riding around the world, I am enjoying Japan for biking on snow, sand, mud, trail, and asphalt with my fat bike, gravel bikes, and long tail bike. Bicycles are human powered and are the world's best activity for getting around. I like Surly bikes because they don't let me down in any environment, anywhere.



Cyclist sitting on red sand drinking water under a grass and stick canopy next to a blue Surly bike loaded with gear

What is your favorite bike-related memory?

My trip around the world on my Long Haul Trucker. I covered 157 countries and regions, over 96,624miles in 3,364 days.  Whether desert or muddy, snow or poor security, we have overcome any rough roads together.



Cyclist standing on red dirt with a blue Surly bike with gear is surrounded by children in front of a forest river

If you could ride anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

The only continent I have not ridden on is Antarctica. Someday, I want to ride a bike on Antarctica. Take the road from Antarctica to the South Pole!



Cyclist pushing bike loaded with gear and Japan flag on back, through a deep, red mud road and forest in the background

Where can people follow along with you?

Facebook - personal:



Twitter:   @RyoheiOguchi






インスタグラム  :  

ツイッター  :   @RyoheiOguchi

ブログ   :


NOTE: If you're into bike touring and general badassery, do follow Ryohei and you won't be disappointed... 

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