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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

Name: Caziah Rashad Franklin

Location: Nashville, TN via Forth Worth, TX


Who do you think you are anyway?

I am a musician, writer, producer, creator, and photojournalist by trade, as music and the arts have played a huge role in my life since the age of 3. And I am a camping, climbing, and cycling hobbyist.


How’d you get into bikes?

I have been into bikes since as long as I could remember! I got my first bike for Christmas when I was four years old, and I rode that thing anytime I had the chance to! Day in, day out! I vividly remember riding my bike so much during that month, that we took the training wheels off in a matter of weeks!

Young Caz on little red bike with training wheels


Tell us about your Surly

I have owned my Surly Straggler, Cliff, for a little over half a year now, and it has totally changed the way I value physical & mental health, and the beauties of transportation. I use it to commute to and from work, on local greenway systems and back gravel roads, and on city group rides and gravel races! My Straggler has even enlightened the way I value the small things in life. There are certain bike routes I take that contain certain segments that I have driven on, and there are many beauties that I miss driving, that I get to slow down and take in while on my bike.

Caz's Surly Straggler with handlebar bag and small frame pack and two water bottle cages side view outside

Favorite bike-related memory

There was one group ride in particular, in which we took a break from riding to sit at the Nashville capital. And down below I could see well off into downtown Nashville, but something very interesting caught my eye. I was able to see the exact street I used to drive on to and from work when I first moved to Nashville, and it was such a big moment for me because it was then that I realized just how much biking has done for me and the way it has influenced the way I maneuver in life, both physically and metaphorically.

Caz's standing with his Surly Straggler on gravel road

If you could ride anywhere in the world, where would it be?

If I could ride anywhere in the world, it would be through Moab, UT! Utah has a special place in my heart, specifically Moab, and I would love to do a guided bikepacking trip there…one day:)


Where can people follow along with you?

You can find all of my work and writings on my instagram @caziahfranklin! And you can find my music on all streaming platforms under Caziah Rashad Franklin! Website coming soon!

Surly Straggler propped up in grassy field pointed down slightly bedded in trail on clear day

Editor’s Note

Surly would like to thank Caz for telling us about his Straggler, Cliff, and all the places they go for rides. As a token of our appreciation, we’ve made a donation on behalf of Caz to Outdoor Afro. In his words, “They are doing so much to make the outdoors more accessible for black and brown people like myself, and help establish initiatives to provide outdoor education and safety for black and brown people of all ages!”


Thanks again, Caz!