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We've recieved word from the marketing division of Homey Fall Festival Inc. The 2009 Homey Fall Fest (Presented by Tostitos) will occur on Oct. 31. More info will be available in the future. Or, it will not. That is all, Skip -----
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Eric is a pretty ok guy. Tall, loud, personable, slightly annoying, mostly harmless, law-abiding, easy-going, longitudinal, forthrightly wishy-washy, slightly bent, wigged out, dopey, and marginally accident-prone. He lives on cold cereal and American macro-brews while occasionally fighting the good fight. He's fallen down in front of big crowds before, and he'll likely do it again. He sometimes zigs when he clearly should have zagged.

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Hello. If you have reached this message we are currently at the annual tradeshow and dorkfest known as Interbike. It is in Las Vegas - a town where the lack of both morality and bar closing times befuddle even us. Still, we are there. This means we will not be…

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Hoots to Wiley Davis for this read. I'll add that the Big Dummy is based on the Xtracycle platform, meaning that you can use any of the modular pieces offered by Xtracycle to fit into the plug-in sockets on the Big Dummy (or Xtracycle Freeradical frame), but you can also…

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