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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

The new Intelligencer is here, and it features me, Flasky, in my print debut.

A Surly Intelligencer #5 magazine cover


Who's Flasky? You gotta lotta nerve, Kid. I'm your buddy. I'm your pal. I'm a helper. (Helpin' you be not so freakn' lame alla time.) What? Nuthin'.

An illustration of a whisky flask with a face, arms and legs

Anyways, the Intelligencer is the folks at Surly tryna be art guys and tell stories. Right? I know. Still, I'm in it. In a comic. Doesn't really capture my best side, really, you know... upside down.

Still, points for including me, and for including stories about yahoos and whatnot. Seems ok. 

"Have their shop order one up if they want, Flasky. It's free."

Whatever. Shut up, Guy.


{flaskyguy on Instagram, dude.}

A silver Surly whisky flask sitting in front of a rock wall, black and white rendering