Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

It's funny, when I first started this Friday picture dump blog day thing; I never thought it would go on this long.  We had just launched the dump, and it has some pretty rad bikes buried in there. I didn’t want anyone who cared to miss them so I called attention to them.  I had sort of figured that a whole bunch of people would submit their rides to the dump in the first few months and then it would die off.

Oh how wrong I was.  We get about 30 new submissions every week, and so that adds to the cool, fun and imaginative builds that you folks are all doing out there.  A bunch of new ones each week means there’s more and more I want to pass on.  And so here we are.  Some Fridays it happens and some it doesn’t, but it never gets old to me, to see just how creative and crazy you’re all being with your Surlys.  Keep it up.

So at any rate, here are some more pictures from the dump for ya'll to do whatever it is that you do over/on/around/with/to these things.